Courses and Projects
Second Year Fall
Computer Graphics I
Process book
Dust Jacket
Custom Stamps
Album Launch
Typographic Oppositions
Type Specimen
Lecture Series Posters
I Heart Book
Illustration I
Product Illustration (stippled)
Editorial Illustration
A Walk through the Forest
Ultimate Bedtime Story
History of GD I
Prehistoric to Victorian (1900s)
Second Year Spring
Computer Graphics II
Genetic Crossbreed
Moving Pictures (Motion Type)
Movie Montage
Portfolio Website
Graphic design I
The Logo
Get Festive
Package Me
The Brand
Visual Essay (Fight Club or The Cheese Monkeys)
Illustration II
Best Friends
Music to Illustrate
Limerick or Ode.
History of GD II
Victorian (1900s) to WWII (1945)
Third Year Fall
Computer Graphics III
Rootabaga Stories
Annual Report
Graphic Design II
Event Invitation
Local Re-Brand
Strategic Branding
Character design
100 Critters
Student-run Studio
History of GD III
WWII (1945) to Present
Third Year Spring
Computer Graphics IV
Logo Anime
I Want my MTV
Skip Ads
Ad Design
Outdoor (billboard)
Local Ad (print with social media)
The Young Ones (competition using briefs provided)
Ad Series (print, online, and social media)
Open Brief
Information design
Order Up (food app),
Digital Material (product & app)
Look at Me
Children's Books
Writing and Creative Assessment
Research, Establishing the Story
Manuscript, Character Development
Illustration Sequence
Advanced Letterpress
Tiny Posters
Merch Table
Advanced Type
Moving Pages (zine)
36 Days of Type
Strategic Campaign
Student-run Studio